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The Military English Handbook

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First of all let us offer our thanks to God almighty for it is He who made ‘The Military English Handbook’ which is dedicated for militaries and civil servants of the Army can be issued.

This book is a form of awareness and a positive step, as well as has to be supported by everyone. This book is such a treasure that contains a wide range of various English terms in both military and civilian environments. English as a global language is progressively showing its prospective control of global human civilization.

In the term of awareness circumstances, TNI AD Personnel and the Civil Service of the Army are expected to master the English language both orally and writing in order to support their main duty wherever they are. Along with this compilation, this book is expected to make a significant contribution to all personnel.

I hope this publication will be useful for all of us, and for those who have helped to create this project completed at the right time I would like to express my deep appreciation.

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