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Socialization unit Kostrad the Student Officers Diksarcabif 86th TA. 2015

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Strategic Reserve Command (23/11). Cipatat – To introduce the unit, the army conducting socialization to Student officers Diksarcabif 86th TA. 2015 in the Education Center Infantry (Pusdikif) Kodiklat Army, Cipatat, Saturday (21/11), led by Col. Inf Kaskostrad Aspers Yudhianto Putra Jaya.

This socialization activities lasted for three days, from the date of 18 November 2015 and, with the agenda including the delivery of Aspers Kaskostrad exposure, film / Kostrad profiles and demonstration of Special Clothing and equipment owned Kostrad.

This activity was followed by 265 students consisting of 149 officers Abit Akmil (2 students from the Philippines and Brunei Darussalam) and 116 Officers Abit Secapaad. Also present at this event Kajas KOSTRAD Infantry Colonel Asep Djunaedi and Kakes Kostrad CKM Colonel dr. Azhari.

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