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How the Army contributes to addressing water scarcity

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How the Army contributes to addressing water scarcity
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“Without water, there is no food, no peace, no life. Therefore, water must be managed well, because every drop is precious.” President Joko Widodo, at the Opening of the WWF Summit, Bali May 20, 2024.

Life without water is unimaginable. As a vital element, water ensures the survival of humans and other living organisms on Earth. It is essential for various daily activities, including agriculture, livestock, industry, and household needs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each person requires approximately 50 liters of water per day for drinking, cooking, and basic hygiene. Thus, securing an adequate water supply is imperative.

The UN Water 2023 report highlights that around 2.2 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water. In Indonesia, this issue is particularly acute in regions such as NTT, NTB, Bali, Papua, Maluku, and parts of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Geographic constraints, inadequate infrastructure, and limited resources exacerbate the difficulty of accessing clean water in these areas.

It is an honor for Indonesia to host the 10th World Water Forum Summit in Bali from May 18-25, 2024, a significant international event addressing global solutions to the clean water crisis. The World Water Forum (WWF) encompasses three main components: thematic, regional, and political programs. Thematic programs focus on specific water-related issues such as water resources management, sanitation, climate change, and technological innovation. Regional programs address water issues in specific areas, allowing for targeted and effective solutions. Political programs aim to influence policies and regulations related to water management at both national and international levels. During the forum, President Joko Widodo emphasized the importance of effective water management amidst projected droughts that will impact 500 million smallholder farmers by 2050. He stressed the need for cooperation to promote efficient and integrated water resources management.

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TNI-AD Manunggal Air; Contribution to the Country
Aligned with the spirit of the 10th World Water Forum, which takes the theme “Water for shared prosperity”, the Indonesian National Army (TNI AD) continues to promote a program known as TNI-AD Manunggal Air. This initiative, focusing on overcoming the difficulty of clean water access throughout Indonesia, has become increasingly relevant. Under the motto “TNI AD together with the people, united with nature for NKRI,” the program includes the installation of Hydraulic Ram Pumps (Hydrams), boreholes, and gravity-fed water distribution systems. General TNI Maruli Simanjuntak, the Army Chief of Staff, has highlighted the Army’s focus on providing clean water to communities, based on his experiences during training in regions with limited water access.

Through the TNI AD Manunggal air program, since its launch in 2022, to date more than 2,240 water source points have been realized throughout Indonesia, consisting of 665 hydram pump points, 1,463 points from borehole sources and 112 points from gravity sources, and have been able to provide benefits to millions of people. This program not only helps people get access to clean water, but also supports local economic development through increasing the productivity of the agricultural and livestock sectors. By utilizing innovative technology, the Indonesian Army contributes significantly to improving the welfare of communities in areas of greatest need. In 2024, the Army targets to add up to 1000 water access points.

When technology and compassion meet, miracles are possible. This can be seen in Tipar Village, Rawalo District, Banyumas, Central Java. The construction of 32 clean water points in this village not only provides clean water, but also generates hope for around 6,000 residents. Previously, they had to buy refill water for Rp 5,000 per gallon as their well water dried up or became polluted in the dry season of 2023. This facility is of great help and benefit to the residents and is part of a broader village welfare improvement program, including the construction of communal toilets and rehabilitation of uninhabitable houses.


The utilization of hydram pump technology has proven to be very effective in overcoming the problem of access to clean water in remote areas. This technology is able to raise water to a height of more than 100 meters without the need for additional power sources. This pump works by utilizing the dynamic pressure of the water flow to raise water to a higher place. In addition, hydram pumps can be used for various purposes, including household needs, agriculture, livestock, and inland fisheries.

The hydram pump technology applied by the Indonesian Army is an effective solution to overcome the scarcity of clean water. In Japan, this technology is widely used and proven to support agricultural activities and domestic needs. Similar success is seen in Indonesia, where the implementation of hydram pumps by the TNI-AD has successfully provided clean water to hard-to-reach areas.

Despite its successes, the TNI-AD Manunggal Air program faces challenges, including limited financial and human resources. To address these, the TNI-AD collaborates with various stakeholders. As of May 2024, partnerships have been established with 50 local governments, 36 state-owned and private companies, and several community organizations, aiming to reach a cumulative total of 3,000 water points by the end of 2024.

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Training for TNI AD Manunggal Clean Water cadres has been routinely organized since 2022. The TNI-AD has also initiated a training program for communities and Babinsa in the manufacture and maintenance of hydram pumps. This training program aims to improve the knowledge and skills of local communities, so that they can be independent in maintaining and operating hydram pumps. Thus, the sustainability of this program can be guaranteed in the long term.

The TNI-AD Manunggal Air program not only addresses immediate community needs but also aligns with global aspirations for inclusive water availability. Through this program, the TNI-AD not only helps provide the basic needs of clean water, but also contributes to improving community welfare and supporting sustainable development. These concrete steps by the TNI-AD exemplify the 8 Obligations of the TNI, particularly in assisting communities facing difficulties. This is also in accordance with the Army leadership policy which emphasizes the importance of being present and providing solutions in times of need.

Through the innovative use of hydram pump technology and extensive collaboration, the TNI-AD continues to combat water scarcity in Indonesia. This program not only helps communities gain access to clean water, but also supports agricultural development, local economies, and community welfare. By expanding this initiative and introducing new innovations, TNI-AD reaffirms its commitment to be present and become a solution in the midst of people’s difficulties, while strengthening Indonesia’s commitment to addressing global water challenges. Let us unite and collaborate to conserve water resources, ensuring a better and sustainable future for all.,112%20points%20from%20gravity%20sources

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